Feast on Phytochemicals

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This book provides a uniquely practical summary of phytochemicals that is accessible to people interested in their health. It interprets the latest scientific research about health promoting phytochemicals that are supplied to us in common fruit and vegetables (including legumes and whole grains), herbs and spices. These plants include apples, avocados, beetroot, citrus, dark chocolate, ginger, gotu kola, grapes, macadamias, olives, pomegranate, tea and turmeric.

Phytochemicals provide us with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, help with weight manage, lower blood pressure, balance cholesterol, stimulate our mind and feed our gut microbes. Phytochemicals provide some health benefits through the same action as many drugs, such as aspirin. They help our bodies resist the development of diseases, such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, dementia, some cancers and type 2 diabetes.

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